+ What are some things I can do to protect myself?

Some things you can do to keep your personal data safe include:

  • Review bank statements or account history online often and call bank immediately if you see a discrepancy;
  • Set up alerts on your accounts to receive a text in our Online Banking at www.communitybankwichita.com under eAlerts and Messages; (find link in new website)
  • Keep all personal information locked up in your home if you are keeping it, or shred it. Shred everything with your name, address, date of birth, social security number, drivers’ license number, prescription labels, medical information, utility bills, receipts (especially ATM receipts), . This includes unsolicited credit card applications and most junk mail;
  • Do not give card information out over the phone or online unless you initiate the exchange;
  • When in doubt, don’t give your information out! Don’t let anyone rush or pressure you for your information.